On-Demand Webinar: The Guide for Microsoft 365 Tenant to Tenant Migrations

Migrating from Microsoft 365 to Microsoft 365, while keeping the same domain name or while changing the domain name, can seem like a daunting task. If you’re migrating because of a merger/acquisition, had a change of data center, a divestiture, or even had a tenant rename, a successful tenant to tenant scenario is achievable with the right strategy and the right tool.

In this on-demand webinar our technical expert divulges the guide for successful Microsoft 365 tenant to tenant migrations, and shows you how MigrationWiz, our 100% cloud-based migration software, can help make your migrations faster and easier.

Presenter: Kelsey Epps, Sr. Technical Sales Specialist
Duration: 45 minutes

Brought to you by BitTitan. Helping you deliver seamless Microsoft 365 tenant to tenant migrations.

What Our Customers Say 

"This tool allowed us to migrate from a combined domain to a split domain and did it without the time-consuming headache typical of these kinds of operations on Office 365. We were able to automate huge swaths of the process and spend more time double checking and supporting any user-side issues as opposed to being fully dedicated to the migration process itself."

 Implementation/Systems Engineer

"They make life so easy. They've got fantastic support, and a great product. I don't use BitTitan services beyond MigrationWiz, but I would certainly consider it given the quality of this one service."

 Provisioning Engineer
Firm Size: 50M - 250M Source