[White Paper] Creating More Value (and Revenue) Selling Office 365

You’ve heard it over and over: Monthly Recurring Revenue (MRR) is the ultimate goal. The holy grail. The most important business model holding the attention of everyone in the channel.

The truth is MRR isn’t the whole story. But why should you care and how do you integrate fee-based projects with MRR? In a new white paper from BitTitan, we dive into how MRR really works, why it’s perceived as so important, and why it’s just one piece of the revenue puzzle.

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What Our Customers Say 

"BitTitan MigrationWiz has proved to be an invaluable resource for migrations. The manual migration process can take many hours and can often be very complex and requiring onsite access. BitTitan simplifies the process and frees up my time as a technician to move on."

 Technology Support Specialist in Services Industry
Firm Size: 50M-250M. Source

"We've used MigrationWiz for multiple migrations. We've come back to it multiple times because it is reliable, stable and easy to use. The customer support experience has been excellent, fast and friendly."

 Vice President in Services Industry
Firm Size: <50M. Source