[On-Demand Webinar] Automatically Configure Outlook with DeploymentPro 

Ensure your customers have zero downtime and no interruptions to their work by adding 100% remote Outlook configuration to any migration project through MigrationWiz. 

With 100% remote Outlook configuration you can:
  • Import profile signatures and rules 
  • Automate the set up of user-profiles 
  • Enable the import of AutoCompletes 
Presenter: Merlin Woodman, Product Manager, MigrationWiz 
Duration:19 minutes

Automatic and remote Outlook configuration with DeploymentPro is available in the User Migration Bundle for MigrationWiz. 

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What Our Customers Say 

"Using DeploymentPro, we automated the setup of user profiles, signatures, rules, and AutoCompletes. It saved us the time and hassle of manually going to each desktop in the office. We absolutely will use DeploymentPro again!"

— Ricardo Uribe, Chief Technology Officer, CGNET

"The User Migration Bundle allows us to offer our customers in the enterprise and SMB markets an all-in-one migration path to Office 365. The BitTitan tools are easy to use for small migrations, while robust enough to meet the demands of large, complex migrations."

— Clay Westbay, VP Service & Delivery, Synergy Technical