[On-Demand Webinar] Project Sharing & Action Logging for MigrationWiz

During this webinar, learn how Project Sharing can ease large migrations by giving agents visibility into the actions of their teammates. Service providers or internal IT teams supporting migrations can see information such as total available licenses within a Workgroup, all the Workgroups to which a user belongs, every customer that has a MigrationWiz project associated with them, and more.

Take Project Sharing reports and audits one step further with Action Logging. Action Logging better tracks steps taken by other agents in the same Workgroup, improving security and audit practices while simplifying reporting.

Brought to you by BitTitan®. Helping you gain complete visibility in large-scale migrations.

What Our Customers Say 

"We've used MigrationWiz for multiple migrations. We've come back to it multiple times because it is reliable, stable and easy to use. The customer support experience has been excellent, fast and friendly."

— Vice President in Services Industry
Firm Size: <50M USD Source

"We use MigrationWiz in migration from Gmail, Lotus Notes, Office 365 to Office 365. It made the migration streamlined and straight forward."

— Managing Consultant in Services Industry
Firm Size: 50M - 250M USD Source