[White Paper] Office 365 Tenant Migrations: Best Practices from Nero Blanco IT

Tenant to Tenant migrations can be complex to assess, manage, and successfully deliver and as the Office 365 user base continues to grow, so will the need to migrate people and data between different tenants.

In this white paper Nero Blanco, an IT service provider in the UK specializing in end-to-end migrations, covers important pre-migration steps to consider as an Office 365 tenant migration approaches. They'll also walk through a tenant to tenant scenario, show you how to apply their best practices to your planning and execution and go over lessons learned along the way.

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More About Nero Blanco IT:
Nero Blanco IT was formed by highly skilled and experienced independent contractors who saw an opportunity to change the way large technology migration and consolidation programmes are delivered. Nero Blanco offers unequalled consultancy for Active Directory, Azure, Microsoft Exchange, Lotus Notes & O365 migrations. They also help integrate other applications or collaboration tools such as Unified Messaging, Lync, and SharePoint to offer the most appropriate end-to-end solution. By working with experienced consultants who know the pitfalls of such endeavors, Nero Blanco helps organizations with mixed IT environments make a seamless transition to the latest technology.

What Our Customers Say 

"The MigrationWiz product has assisted us in multiple migration projects. The tools are very powerful and automate processes that would have taken exponentially more time, resulting in better profit margins for our company and a much more affordable bottom line for our clients. The pay as you go model is extremely flexible and works great for migrations both small and large."

 Systems Engineer in Services Industry
Firm Size: 50M - 250M Source

"MigrationWiz was used to migrate two separate domains to one combined office 365 tenant. The only challenges we saw were on the Microsoft side. It was as if MigrationWiz performed too well at times. We had to call into Microsoft to remove throttling controls to allow for our migration to complete. Our user experience was nearly seamless as the software let them know where they were on each step of the process."

 Manager, Systems Administration in Manufacturing Industry
Firm Size: 500M-1B Source