[Demo Video] Enterprise Tenant-to-Tenant Migrations: For Mergers, Acquisitions, and Divestitures

BitTitan® MigrationWiz® is the industry leader in tenant-to tenant migrations, supporting a diverse range of scenarios. In this on-demand demo video learn how MigrationWiz can help execute a tenant migration after a merger, acquisition or divestiture and helps supports data sovereignty, domain name renaming, multi-tenant consolidation and collaboration for remote work.

Duration: 9 minutes 

Why Choose MigrationWiz for Your Mailbox Migrations  
Easy to Use
Minimal Downtime
Fast and Scalable


Global Support and Documentation

Collaborate on a Project

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Secure and Compliant

Brought to you by BitTitan®. Helping you make your tenant-to-tenant migrations easy, fast, and secure.

What Our Customers Say 

"The MigrationWiz product has assisted us in multiple migration projects. The tools are very powerful and automate processes that would have taken exponentially more time, resulting in better profit margins for our company and a much more affordable bottom line for our clients. The pay as you go model is extremely flexible and works great for migrations both small and large."

—System Engineer in Services Industry 
Firm Size: 50M -250M USD Source

"Migration Wiz is the only comprehensive tool available in the market for Tenant to Tenant migration. It is easy to configure and is very much admin friendly..."

— Messaging Lead in Healthcare Industry
Firm Size: 3B - 10B USD Source