[White Paper] Migration Tools: Comparing Free v. Paid Solutions

Free is good, right? Some software companies offer free migration tools to attract you to their solution. But you probably know by now – nothing is truly free.

You’ll soon discover that the cost of “free” migration tools is spent on support items like software licensing, hardware, and engineering costs.

In this white paper we compare the high costs associated with operating "free" tools versus using MigrationWiz® for your next migration project.

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What Our Customers Say 

"MigrationWiz has simplified the process of migrations and increased our productivity by allowing us to spend less time on the setup and more time on getting things done. Using MigrationWiz is an obvious choice regardless of the size of your company."

— IT Engineer in Services Industry
Firm Size: <50M USD Source

"We have used this tool with several clients and the experience has been brilliant. The support team is completely reliable and helpful when needed. Configuration, connection, and creation of projects works pretty well and fast, and compared to other migration tools the velocity and errors presented are nearly optimal."

— Project Manager in Services Industry
Firm Size: <50M USD Source