[Demo Video] MigrationWiz for Microsoft 365: Documents 

MigrationWiz® enables you to migrate email and other data from a wide range of Sources to Microsoft 365. Once you’ve learned or rediscovered how easy it is to move mailboxes, expand into multi-workload projects with our flexible, automated document migrations.

Watch this video as we dive into everything from pre-migration tips to a step-by-step demo of how to quickly move documents and files while maintaining components like file hierarchy and permissions.

Whether you’re new to migrations or an experienced pro, MigrationWiz from BitTitan® has you covered. It’s easy, fast, secure, and is sure to make your next document migration a success.

Duration: 5 minutes 

Why Choose MigrationWiz for Your Mailbox Migrations  
Easy to Use
Minimal Downtime
Fast and Scalable


Global Support and Documentation

Collaborate on a Project

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Secure and Compliant

Brought to you by BitTitan®. Helping you expand into multi-workload projects with our flexible, automated document migrations.

What Our Customers Say 

"We have used BitTitan's MigrationWiz 75-100 times in assisting customers with their data migration, mergers, etc. BitTitan's tool always provides a solid experience. The few times we've needed to reach out to their support they have always been helpful."

— CEO in Service Industry
Firm Size: 50M - 250M USD Source

"I used the Migration Wiz for moving google drive documents to onedrive. The Migration Wiz was so easy to use and the instructions were incredible." 

— IT Director
Firm Size: <50M USD Source