[Demo Video] MigrationWiz for Microsoft 365: Personal Archives 

Whether you’re new to migrations or an experienced pro, MigrationWiz® from BitTitan® has you covered. MigrationWiz® enables you to move mailboxes, documents, and other data from a wide range of Sources to Microsoft 365.

In this video learn how to expand your project scope and project revenue by adding personal archives to your migration projects. A MigrationWiz expert will demonstrate how easy it is to use MigrationWiz User Migration Bundle to discover, collect, and migrate numerous personal archive files such as PSTs, In-Place Archives, and others to your selected Destination.

Duration: 5 minutes 

Why Choose MigrationWiz for Your Mailbox Migrations  
Easy to Use
Minimal Downtime
Fast and Scalable


Global Support and Documentation

Collaborate on a Project

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Secure and Compliant

Brought to you by BitTitan®. Helping you quickly discover, collect, and migrate numerous personal archive files.

What Our Customers Say 

"We have used this tool with several clients and the experience has been brilliant. The support team is completely reliable and helpful when needed. Configuration, connection, and creation of projects works pretty well and fast, and compared to other migration tools the velocity and errors presented are nearly optimal."

— Project Manager in the Services Industry 
Firm Size: <50M USD Source

"This allowed us to complete a project on time and on budget. The tool was easy to use and roll out in an effective manner to complete the migration. It reduced the amount of manpower needed to complete the tasks so that we did not impact our other clients." 

— Director, Relationship Management in the Services Industry
Firm Size: <50M USD Source