[On-Demand Webinar]  Migrating Securely with MigrationWiz  

At BitTitan, we take data security and privacy very seriously. In this video, learn from a BitTitan MigrationWiz expert how to securely migrate your data in several different scenarios, including:

  • Tenant-to-tenant migrations
  • Exchange online
  • Microsoft Teams

Speaker: Kelsey Epps | Sr. Technical Sales Specialist

Duration: 10 minutes

Brought to you by BitTitan®. Helping you make your migrations easy, fast, and secure.

What Our Customers Say 

"The MigrationWiz product has assisted us in multiple migration projects. The tools are very powerful and automate processes that would have taken exponentially more time, resulting in better profit margins for our company and a much more affordable bottom line for our clients. The pay as you go model is extremely flexible and works great for migrations both small and large."

 System Engineer in Services Industry
Firm Size: 50M - 250M USD Source

"Over 20 yrs I've performed several mail migrations, all of which required a lot of staff and heavy lifting and significant user interruption. BitTitan addresses all of these pain point. A single admin can coordinate, seed, stage and final sync a large volume of mailboxes with minimal effort and almost no downtime interruption for the end user."

Infrastructure and Operations in Services Industry
Firm Size: 500M - 1B USD Source