[White Paper] Managing M&A Migrations: Strategy and Execution

Executing a migration isn’t simply a technical exercise – especially when it’s part of a merger or acquisition. In fact, even if you have extensive experience using a migration tool like MigrationWiz, things can still go wrong if you skimp on planning and communication. Managing M&A Migrations: Strategy and Execution is the second in our white paper series giving you practical advice from BitTitan experts that will help you manage seamless migrations, even in a complex, high-stakes environment.

In this white paper we outline steps you’ll want to take in advance of a migration that will help minimize disruption and avoid user frustration or lost data. We also discuss the role of the BitTitan Customer Success team – experienced experts who can help with strategy decisions and provide advice about end-user communication. In addition, we outline the many benefits of using MigrationWiz for M&A migrations, from fast, flexible setup to our extensive documentation.

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What Our Customers Say 

"Very easy to use and great setup support for new customers. We were able to migrate several hundred users very easily and avoided any snags in the process. I think the pricing model is transparent and simplifies the project budgeting."

— System Engineer in Education Industry
Gov't/PS/ED <5,000 Employees Source

"The MigrationWiz product has assisted us in multiple migration projects. The tools are very powerful and automate processes that would have taken exponentially more time, resulting in better profit margins for our company and a much more affordable bottom line for our clients. The pay as you go model is extremely flexible and works great for migrations both small and large"

— System Engineer in Services Industry
Firm Size: 50M - 250M USD Source